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Keith Owen Campbell

Attorney At Law

When you are facing a serious or complicated legal matter, the last thing you need is a stiff, unapproachable attorney representing you.

The Law Offices of Keith Owen Campbell are not like other firms, and Mr. Campbell is not like other lawyers. He will not confuse you with complicated legal terminology. He will listen to you and provide you with an honest assessment of your case.

If you are in need of a qualified, client-oriented attorney, contact Keith Owen Campbell today 724.228.3825. He provides diligent, vigorous advocacy on behalf of clients in a broad range of legal matters.

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family law

Family Law

Are you facing a difficult divorce and complicated child custody dispute? Mr. Campbell will listen to your individual needs and provide a straightforward evaluation of your case and your options. He will be honest with you regarding what is possible to achieve and what is not.

criminal law

Criminal Law

Have you been accused of a criminal offense? Do not speak with anyone until you hire an attorney. Keith Owen Campbell provides skilled, vigorous advocacy on behalf of individuals charged with a crime. Timing is critical. [/services]

Municipal Law

Municipal Law

Have you been arrested on simple assault charges? Are you in need of a thorough and aggressive DUI attorney? You will receive a careful assessment of your case and honest, straightforward advice regarding your options. There are consequences of not hiring a qualified attorney in a municipal law case. Optimize yours by contacting us.[/services]