Standby Guardianship – Transferring Custody upon a Predetermined Event

Although no one wants to have to give up their child because of their health, there are times when a person is just not physically able to care for their child. There are several options for transferring custody of your child to a third party in the event of sickness or worse. Those options traditionally included:

  • Informal Arrangements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Shared Custody
  • Foster Care
  • Adoption

The problem with these options is that they can leave gaps in legal responsibility for your children because some agreements need time to be validated by the courts. Even worse, most of these options involve terminating your own rights to your child. Once you have entered in to this type of agreement getting legal custody of your child back is not a sure thing.

The Standby Guardianship Act allows parents to adequately ensure their child’s care without terminating their own rights and while providing continuous care for their child upon the future happening of an agreed upon event. There is no court validation required in order for the Standby Guardianship since you can specify the event that begins the Standby Guardianship.

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